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We are a high-tech manufacturing company specialized in the production of Co-ex multi layer bottles for both checmicals and foods.
We produce Co-ex bottles for agrochemicals, veterinary medications, other chemicals for factories requiring high quality bottles, and foods like ketchub, suaces, and mustard and mayonnaise. Our bottles layers save the best barrier for such liquids and components.
Our objective is to be the worldwide technological and market leader in the field of Co-ex bottles for agrochemical and food packaging.
Our products gained complete satisfaction from all companies that used our products.
We are now on an expansion policy to cover the markets of all pesticides companies in Egypt.
Our experience in the Co-ex trusion process enables us to produce a high quality Multi-layer bottles with the most competitive prices in the area. Organized management, Production schedules, and product stocks enable us to react quickly to the requirements of our customer.
To become one of the leading suppliers in the industry of plastic packaging worldwide.Our success and fast growth are based on our continuous development of the latest technologies in the blow molding field.
To supply our customers with the best value and quality of plastic bottle for agrochemicals. Although Quality is our main priority. It is not just a department with staff and equipment, it is our way of life that we believe in and strictly committed to the best specifications that will satisfy our customers.