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COEX-HDPE bottles

Suitable for agressive filling like agrochemical pesticides and industrial oils

HDPE - COEX: the wall bottles consists 4 layers material as following:
HDPE – Reg 1 adh – PA –EVOH

HDPE bottles

Suitable for filling of agrochemical Ferlilizers and similar products

HDPE - COEX: the wall bottles consists single layer of HDPE

Food bottles

It is poly propylene the wall bottle consist of 1 layer and it is divided into :

Food Bottles: Suitable for packing Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, sauces, jam & juices.
Food containers: Suitable for keeping food and daily use.

Degassing Caps

Vented caps help to equalize the pressure in the bottles containing agrochemicals products which might otherwise swell or collapse the ventilation system contained in the caps allows the gas to cross the membrane , expand and move towards the outside of the container

It has different sizes 28 TE , 36 TE , 45 TE , 50 TE , 63 TE .